Indoor Guinea Pig Cages

Indoor Guinea Pig Cages.

Before you can get your new little guinea pig home.

It’s necessary to set up everything for them to create a healthy, happy and comfortable environment.

A side from size and style of your selected cage, you need space for accessories:

  • Bedding
  • Nest box
  • Food dishes
  • Water bottle
  • Toys
  • Hay

So in the meantime, when considering buying a guinea pig cage.

Consider buying a cage for indoors, as they cute and adorable to watch.

Keeping them inside the house makes sense, It allows you to keep an eye on them, making sure they safe.

The question being, is what should an indoor guinea pig cage include?

  1. It should have enough floor space for them to move about.
  2. The cage size needs to be just right enough for them.
  3. It should make them feel comfortable.
  4. It is more convenient if it comes with in-built equipment.
  5. Nothing should be sharp or cause them harm.
  6. The cage needs to be easy to clean, especially in the corners.
  7. Bars of the cage need to be spaced properly for ventilation
  8. The bottom shouldn’t be rough to protect their feet.

Whatever cage you intend on buying, you need to keep in mind that it’s your little piggy’s new home and it needs to be comfortable. It helps with their well-being and makes them feel safe.

Let’s begin, what’s the best cage to buy for my guinea pig?

The list below are the top cages recommended for your cavy.

Large Indoor Guinea Pig Cage

A beautifully made pet home that offers the minimum space recommended by the RSPCA for 2 guinea pigs.

That’s considerably a lot larger In comparison to average plastic cages you can find on the market.

Large Indoor Guinea Pig Cage C&C Style with Mesh

Please note ! That all accessories and Guinea Pig House are not included with cage


Large 120x60cm C&C Style Indoor Guinea Pig Cage With Open Top And Suitable For Two Guinea pigs.

The base is designed to hold a deep layer of substrate that gives your pet comfort, and the plywood floor is treated to avoid staining with pet-safe varnish.

Product Details:

  • Made of 19mm solid wood frame, 18mm timber panelling, 13 x 13mm galvanised square zinc wire mesh to the front, and a plywood base.
  • To protect against staining, the base interior is treated with pet-safe, transparent matt varnish.
  • Basic self-assembly is required (screws and assembly instructions supplied).
  • External dimensions: length 120cm, width 60cm, height 40cm, depth of the inner drawer 8cm
  • Internal dimensions: length 116cm, height 38cm, width 56cm

If you are looking for an indoor cage for your guinea pet, why not go a little extra for them.

And try this superbly and stylish modern made pet home.

Ferplast Plaza 120 Small Pet Cage

Ferplast Casita 120 Cage


The cage features a two-part cover that can be fully or partially opened and closed. Small safety fittings at the cage top keep the cage from being opened by your pets.

For instance, this arched style allows your pets extra head-space, which will be enjoyed by rabbits in particular.

A decorative edge on the short side of the cage gives a touch of elegance to this Ferplast Casita cage.

Please Note: This product can’t be delivered to Northern Ireland and Ireland


  • Big extra cage for small pets
  • High-walled base: prevents the escape of litter
  • Simple access: sliding-door front, curved roof opens entirely
  • Two-part, curved cover: plenty of extra room for the head & quick access
  • 20% more headroom compared with other rabbit cages
  • Attractive design: curved roof with an ornamental edge
  • Manufactured from high-quality plastic: easy to clean
  • Stable construction: with additional base components and a top-end plastic frame
  • Small sliding door: easy to enter, safe fasteners provided.
  • Including basic equipment: plastic, cage can be used immediately
  • Secure fasteners: Prevents your pet from opening the interior of the cage
  • Quick assembly with clips on the side
  • Can be used without the base as an outside run
  • Sleeping den with a gallery with non-slip edges

Having a convenient sliding door at the front of the cage offers another way to open these indoor cages.

The sliding mechanism makes it possible to change the door height, minimising the risk of injury. Your pet will enter and leave the cage comfortably.

An additional wire will hold the door securely locked.

Preventing your little pet will not be able to escape and go on walkabouts.


  • Total: 119 x 58 x 61 cm (L x W x H)
  • Inner: 115 x 54 x 57 cm (L x W x H)
  • Base Height: 16.5cm
  • Bar Spacing: 2.2cm
  • Bar Thickness: 2mm / 3mm

Material Metal Cage:

  • Metal, epoxy-polyester powder coating.


  • Hinged roof (x2): 53.5 x 47 cm (W x H)
  • Front door: 22 x 19 cm (W x H)


  • Comes with water bottle. food bowl, hay rack and den.

Therefore, it’s necessary to purchase and keep your indoor guinea pig cage ready.

In addition to other accessories, before you can bring your pets home.

The Skyline Maxi XXL Small Pet Cage

Furthermore, when the time comes for you to buy an indoor cage for your guinea pig, always be selective.

First time buyers can sometimes make the mistake of purchasing indoor guinea pig cages and comprising on price.

Resulting in these cages usually end up been too small for their original needs.

Skyline Maxi XXL Small Pet Cage


The Skyline Maxi XXL Small Pet Cage is a solid and resilient home for your guinea pigs or pets. Including a combination of robust materials and high quality craftsmanship.

The Skyline Maxi cage consists of a solid, plastic covered metal frame with a strong tray. This can be opened using the front door or door located on the top of the cage, allowing you easy access to your pets and all the corners of the cage.

Bars of the cage can easily be removed from the base tray by unfastening the clips.

Cage Specifications:

  • Total size: 119 x 59 x 47 cm (L x W x H)
  • Bar spacing: approx. 29mm
  • Bar thickness: 2 / 3.4mm (horizontally / vertically)
  • Tray height: 16.5cm
  • Easy access via the two barred doors
  • Top door, large: 58 x 35 cm (L x W)
  • Front door: 22 x 17 cm (L x W)
  • Made with robust materials for greater stability
  • Easy to clean
  • Clips make for easy assembly of the cage: 10 x 6 x 2 cm (L x W x H)
  • Bars: zinc-free, non-toxic silver powder coating
  • Incl. accessories: hay rack (L 28.5 x H 16 cm)

The Skyline Maxi XXL Small Pet Cage is a solid and resilient home for your guinea pigs or pets.

Including a combination of robust materials and high quality craftsmanship.

The Skyline Maxi cage consists of a solid, plastic covered metal frame with a strong tray. With Simple screws and clips which make it easy to disassemble and reassemble your pet’s cage for cleaning.

Included in this offer, is a food rack in the delivery of the Skyline Maxi XXL Small Pet Cage.

Indoor cages for guinea pigs

Keeping them indoors will make your relationship with your pet better as you are able to bond and socialize more often. This will make them happy, keep them comfortable and feel at home.

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