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I Love My Guinea Pigs

I love my guinea pigs is all about caring for your guinea pigs, and keeping them safe, happy and in good health.
In this blog, you will find various supportive information to take care of your Guinea pigs.

Regards their diet, habitat, and living environment. If you live in an apartment, then cavies can make an ideal apartment pet.

Best Pets For Apartments

So when deciding on best apartment pets, the apartment dweller should consider pets that don’t take up a lot of space and who require relatively basic care.

Cavies are considered as great pets for the apartment and wonderful companions for the apartment dweller.

With living in an apartment myself i found these great pets to have around. Especially coming home from work and been greeted by them.

So i decided to start this website to help fellow guinea pig lovers with feeding tips, diet and overall care.

And finally my aim is simple, this is to provide all the information you need to not only keep your guinea pigs happy and healthy but to get the maximum enjoyment that comes with looking after these cute little furry friends.

Guinea pig breeds are a domesticated rodent species belonging to the genus Cavia in the family Caviidae. They’re small, gentle and cute which makes them a perfect pet for younger children and adults.

This is due to they’re been small, gentle and personable with a lot of appealing qualities. As with most domesticated pets, cavies are actually very intelligent pet rodents.

Being social pets they can make loving companions, but they also require daily attention, that been food and water.

Fresh daily water is essential to their health and well being along with fresh food, vegetable and hay.

Various fruits can also be given to you cavies in moderation and usually as treats, due to high sugar content.

As guinea pigs can be very intelligent pet rodents, they can learn fast especially from being young.

I Love My Guinea Pigs


Training A Guinea Pig

Training your guinea pig can be done through Bribery ! Yes Bribery.

Bribery as in, guinea pigs love food and treats, they will eat all day if given the chance.

So taking notice of your guinea pigs favourite treats and reward them with this when your training them.

The majority of people love to have a pet with a character they can play with. It is a key reason for many people whenever they get a pet for companionship.

The cavy, luckily, is a pet full of life and quirks. They love playing and enjoying stuff like tiny toys, tunnels for pets and anything to chew on.

Stress relieving

Watching them play or softly stroking their coat, this can be deeply soothing and stress relieving.

They will sometimes sleep on your lap and can serve as a stress reliever for the one who holds them.

If a cavy falls asleep on your lap, this is usually a sign of trust and shows that the they feel completely safe with you.

Most of all, they’re great little pets and make cute noises and are fun to play with.

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