Herbs Guinea Pigs Can Eat

Herbs guinea pigs can eat ? Yes As an occasional treat, cilantro (sometimes called Italian parsley or coriander) is acceptable for feeding guinea pigs. However, you must not feed it excessively because cilantro is rich in calcium and oxalic acid. Cilantro has a pretty strong odour that is off-putting to some guinea pigs, so don’t be surprised if your pet doesn’t eat a lot.

Cilantro comes with a healthy quantity of many beneficial nutrients, all necessary for the diet of a guinea pig.

Can guinea pigs have cilantro

Yes it’s filled with nutrients, however, while it can be a great side snack for your guinea pigs, we suggest mixing with other vegetables.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cilantro

Nutritional Value:

  • 15% of folates
  • 11% of vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine)
  • 45% of vitamin C
  • 225% of vitamin A
  • 258% of vitamin K
  • 22% of iron
  • 18% of manganese

Cilantro has one of the richest herbal content for vitamin K; providing about 258% of DRI. Plus Vitamin-K has a potential role in bones.

Can Guinea Pigs eat Thyme

Certain herbs can be good food for guinea pigs and thyme is one that you can certainly feed your guinea pigs. So let’s take a look at the nutrition thyme provides.

Although parsley is an excellent source of vitamin C, you might not realize that thyme contains even more of this essential nutrient.

Vitamin C helps prevent diseases, such as scurvy in guinea pigs.

So it’s important your guinea pigs diet includes enough foods that contain good amounts of this vitamin C..

Fibre Content In Thyme

Fibre been essential for a healthy digestive system, it’s also a vital part for your guinea pig’s diet.

Sugar Content In Thyme

Most herbs are low in sugar content, which makes herbs a really good food to include in your guinea pig’s diet.

As with thyme, the sugar content is very low.

Calcium Content In Thyme

Thyme contains high levels of calcium, which is an essential mineral for important functions in the body of an animals.

Although thyme is rich in vitamin C and high in fibre, you need to feed your cavies in moderation, because of the calcium content.

Your guinea pigs can eat thyme a once a week but not in large quantities.
Small amounts of thyme will provide them with enough amounts of vitamin C and calcium they need.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dill

Dill can be given once or twice a month as a treat for your guinea pigs, but in small amounts.

All guinea pigs need vitamin-C in their food and it’s much better for your cavies to get this vitamin naturally.

Nutritional Values

Vitamin C
Vitamin A

Dill also provides the right amount of protein and carbs, which gives your guinea pigs instant energy.

It also contains iron,, which helps keep the blood clean and healthy and helps prevent anemia.

Guinea pigs can also eat dill along with its stems.

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