Guinea Pig Fleece Hideouts

Guinea pig fleece hideouts. If you have a guinea pig and are looking to accommodate it, you should look into a guinea pig igloo house.

It is a safe investment and one that will pay since your guinea pig is going to love it. Plus, it will be a good place for it to get comfortable and feel safe. Guinea pig igloos are available and you can get them anywhere. Some stores will even deliver it to your house.

Guinea Pig Igloo House

As the name suggests, the house is in the form of an igloo, however, it is transparent.


So you can always see what is going on inside the house.

In this way, you can keep an eye out for your pets and see where they are going. The guinea pig fleece igloo is made from durable plastic, which makes it easier to clean.

The best thing about the guinea pig igloo house is that it is odor and stain-resistant.

So even if your guinea pig has dirtied it a bit, chances are the igloo will remain clean.

The guinea pig igloo is user-friendly and has fresh air vents that will ensure your pet’s health and well-being are taken care of.

They are also a pretty good hide-out for guinea pigs, rabbits, or other small animals.

It encourages their instincts, which might become suppressed when they are not living in their natural habitat.

The guinea pig igloo house is 10.5″ long, 6.25″ wide, and 12″ wide. You can get it in a variety of colors. Pick the one that best suits your pet’s needs.


Where you keep the guinea pig igloo house is key. There are some factors you should consider:


The ideal temperature range for the guinea pig house should be between 65 and 75 Fahrenheit.

The housing should be located away from strong heat sources such as direct sun and fireplaces. The guinea pigs cannot sweat as they can become too warm and suffer from heatstroke.

However, you should also not place the guinea pig igloo house in an unheated room or other chilly locations.

Place the house in a draft-free location. It should also not be located in humid conditions that might cause mold to grow, making the guinea pigs sicker.

Activity Level

keep the house in a place where they can interact with the rest of the family members. Guinea pigs are social by nature, and if you keep them in the family room, they will be friendlier.

However, you should ensure that they have a safe place to retreat if they need some quiet time, which guinea pigs sometimes do.

Noise: The house should not be in a place where the guinea pigs can hear loud noises from TV or radio. They have sensitive hearing, and too much noise can make them ill or damage their hearing.

Final Thoughts

A guinea pig igloo house can provide a lot of comfort for your guinea pig. You should pick the one that suits its need the most.

Guinea Pig Fleece House

Animals love to feel cozy and snug when they are going to sleep.

If your guinea pigs like softness and comfort, you should buy a guinea pig fleece house. It is the best guinea pig hideout and something that will make it feel safe.

It’s something worth investing in, especially if you’re looking for something that is durable. Guinea pig hideouts are just a click away.

Guinea Pig Hideouts

The guinea pig fleece hideouts are made from warm and cozy fabrics. They are designed to provide your pet with a level of comfort and safety.


They can go into these guinea pig hideouts and spend some quality moments of relaxation there. Guinea pigs are sociable creatures.

Sometimes though they just want a place to relax, and guinea pig hideouts are where they can do so.

You can find guinea pig hideouts in all shapes and sizes. It is very soft and comfortable, and some even have warming properties to help keep your guinea pig warm in cold weather. Plus, guinea pig fleece hideouts are easy to maintain and clean.

They are also made with high-quality fabric to guarantee the longevity of the hideout.

It is available in small size, medium and large. The medium size is suitable for guinea pigs. To clean it, you should just wash the guinea pig hideout to ensure the most optimal hygiene.  

Benefits of guinea pig hideouts

Several benefits exist for keeping guinea pig fleece hideouts in your home.


These are:

  • Larger enclosures are enriching for your guinea pig. Guinea pigs have a life span of 5 to 7 years, and they can become depressed and bored without stimulation.
  • Therefore, it is best you have a fleece that gives them more room to walk around and enjoy.
  • More room also means that the guinea pigs are less likely to develop medical conditions such as bumble foot or diabetes.
  • It also allows for more exercise. When there is more space, guinea pigs can exercise on their schedule and not yours.
  • Guinea pigs are more active in the morning and evening.
  • This is the time when you might be busy and would not have the time to bring it out for exercise.
  • Instead, a more convenient solution is to get spacious guinea pig hideouts.
  • If you have more guinea pigs, there is a greater chance that peace will coexist among them.
  • Larger spaces mean more cleanliness can be ensured. It will prevent waste from building up and allow the guinea pigs to separate their bathroom area from other activities.
  • With wider space, your guinea pig might get to show more instincts. This would mean you would get to know its personality really well.
  • This can be really important when you have multiple guinea pigs.

Last thoughts

Guinea pig fleece hideouts are pretty good for your pets. It can make them feel more comfortable and healthy. The best part is that they are easy to maintain and clean, which is always a plus with these thing


Guinea pigs are pretty social animals, and they require constant love and interaction. They are pretty good at making various sounds that have different meanings. So they require a high-quality diet along with good housing. They can easily live in a Guinea Pig Pigloo which is widely available.

Guinea Pig Pigloo

It’s the perfect house for your guinea pig and something no guinea pig parent should live without. It is an excellent place for your guinea pig to snuggle and live in. They will feel warm, safe, and comfortable. It is also a perfect way for you to pick them up and place them on your lap, especially if it is nervous or anxious in some way.

Guinea Pig Pigloo

Pigloo for guinea pig is made from quality fabrics. The outer layer is made from durable cotton and it also has another layer of wadding. Moreover, there is also a hard-wearing inner fleece in this pigloo. Around the entrance of the guinea pig igloo, you will find concealed boning. It ensures that the outside remains open for use.

The pigloo for guinea pigs are small in size. They are  13” long and 16” wide. The igloos are also available in a variety of colors. There is blue/white and pink/brown. The size is enough for the guinea pig to feel comfortable and not too suffocated. The size is such that it can accommodate one large guinea pig and two small guinea pigs. The guinea pig pigloo can easily be washed, and the instructions are usually included.

Habit Maintenance

A guinea pig requires a clean habitat for survival. A dirty habitat can make it feel sicker. It is less likely to be playful if it does not have clean surroundings. You should clean the guinea pig’s habitat at least once or twice a week with 3% bleach. When you do it, you should rinse and dry it thoroughly before placing the guinea pig in it. Bleach can harm guinea pigs and make them sick.

Another important component of habitat maintenance is to remove the wet spots every day. While you are at it, you should also change the bedding at least twice a week or even more, depending on your guinea pig. The last thing you want is a toxic and unhealthy habitat for your guinea pig. It would make it sicker.

Grooming the Guinea Pig

By nature, guinea pigs are clean and they don’t require bathing. At least not repeatedly. However, you can spot-clean them using a washcloth or even baby wipes if you feel there is some need. Fur can be brushed with a soft-backed brush and if your guinea pig is bald, you can always apply some aloe-based lotion on its skin to keep it soft. You can clip their nails once a month to give it a neater look. However, the teeth don’t require too much cleaning and it is okay for them to be yellow.

Last thought

While a pigloo for guinea pigs will certainly make life more comfortable for them, you should still keep an eye out for grooming, so they are able to live healthily.