Guinea Pig Care Books

Guinea pig care book. Super Pooper is primarily a pet-guidebook that’s been made to help pet-owners with setting out the diet for their pets.
Guinea pigs are complex species of animals that have very specific dietary requirements.
That need to be fulfilled in order to properly keep them in proper health.

Guinea Pig Care Book-Super Poopers

This book serves that exact purpose by providing the reader with detailed instructions on the importance of proper guinea-pig diets.


The book is written simply and presents straightforward scientific information which is exceptionally desirable.
Especially for anyone who does not have much of a previous scientific basis in nutrition.

So, it is essentially a type of guinea pig care book on nutrition.

Overall, Super Poopers is a great book for anyone who wants to learn about how to properly provide their cavies.

With a proper diet and healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

Its simplistic vocabulary and straightforward writing style make it extremely suitable for young readers especially.

The Guinea Pig Good Pet Guide

This is an absolute must-buy for new pet owners who do not really understand how to take care of their pets.

This book provides some expert information on how to begin taking care of their guinea pigs.


Some of the best aspects of this book include the fact that it is very friendly towards new pet owners.
This book provides them the essential information that they need effectively and concisely

It covers everything from bathroom-related issues to understanding your guinea-pig’s behavior to the type of diet that you should provide.

Guinea Piglopaedia

The Guinea Piglopaedia is one of the most comprehensive texts out there on guinea pig care, diet, and behavior.

It’s a more advanced text that is much better suited to those people who already have a good understanding of guinea pig behavior and care.

But would like to expand it further by attaining some expert guidance.


It is a bit of a lengthy read, so it is a book that is best worth purchasing.

If you are someone who really wants an in-depth explanation of guinea pig behavior. As for the text itself, it is extremely well-written, has numerous scientific backings in addition to a very friendly vocabulary.

Although, complete beginners to guinea pig care may find it an extremely difficult and boring read.
The more experienced pet owners can use it as an excellent way to improve their knowledge and advance their understanding.

So overall, it is recommended for experienced pet owners but not novices.

Guinea Pig Care Book-Train Your Guinea Pig The Easy Way

This is another guidebook that teaches pet owners about how to properly train their guinea pigs, covering everything from potty training to basic behaviors.

This makes it a great book for anyone who’s not entirely sure about how to train their guinea pig.
Allowing you to receive some expert guidance on this subject.


The book is written in a very rational manner with each subsequent chapter building upon the previous one.

All chapters providing very valuable information about the fundamental nature and practices of guinea pig training.

Occasional illustrations within the text also help to further improve the knowledge provided in the book.

Overall, it is just a very great buy for anyone who is not sure how to properly train their pet.

It is a bit of a technical read, but it can also be a great book

For anyone who just wants to gain as much information as possible about how to train their guinea pigs.

Guinea Pig Guide

The Guinea Pig Guide is a fully illustrated 107page book mentioning all about the care a guinea pig needs.

Guinea Pig Care Book is highly informative, friendly, and illustrated colorfully with separated contents.
Making it easy for you to read and search what you are looking for.

Its 6 contents are compiled into sections giving tips on different areas like getting to know your pet.

Housing, social life, diet, grooming, cleaning, handling, behavior, health, medicals, and some final thoughts.

This guide by Lesley Anderson also has a downloadable option in PDF format. Meant for all ages, this book is filled with tips and is perfect for both beginners and experienced pet owners.

At the end, there is a bonus resource section having links to purchasing guinea pig products plus extra information. You also get bonus printable like a weight chart, vet questionnaire and pre-adoption checklist.

The guide is indeed a friendly, comforting, and cheery reference to make it easy and fun experience to learn cavies.

Completely Know About Guinea Pigs

A completely unique way of knowing more about guinea pigs is with Puffin publications.
That launched ‘Charlie and Lola: I completely know about Guinea Pigs.

Filled with stickers, colorful illustrations, conversations and information, this guide is in English. The target audience is children (3-7years) who want to learn everything about guinea pigs.

It has a rating of 4.7stars out of 5. This interesting read is just 32pages, allowing your child to study about guinea pigs in just a day.

Author Lauren-Child is famous for her innovative books for children with illustrations, created this book with a lovely story line.

Having characters like Lola and Charlie who take care of the school guinea pig Bert.
By playing with him and building his own guinea pig run.

The story revolves around how Bert goes missing and what they do to find him thus learning more about him.

A good buy for the kids with special Charlie and Lola story, to learn A-Z about guinea-pigs at a young-age.

Care For Your Guinea Pig – RSPCA

Care for your Guinea Pig is an RSPCA Pet Guide by RSPCA published in the year 2004. It is from paperback format.

This guide gives you all the advice you will need to take good care of your guinea pigs.

Now, this is important, Its compiled in a way that kids would benefit by reading it before owning a guinea-pig.

So what’s my point? Its also a good read for a highly experienced guinea pet owner.

This pet guide teaches you everything right from choosing your pet, breeding, housing, feeding, health, hygiene, etc. It has all the basic information one will need to own a cute guinea.

Here’s the interesting part, It uses plenty of colored pictures to explain the different types of guineas.

Care for your Guinea Pig is a good gifting option to a first-time guinea pet owner too. Being completely factual in nature, this guide is easy to understand and is recommended to buy.

Collins Family Pet Guide

The Guinea Pig Collins Family Pet Guide is a 128-page English language guidebook.
Giving excellent tips and best ways to raise healthy and happy guinea pig pets.

This guide book is, filled with attractive illustrated pages and colorful photos.
Written by Author Peter Gurney has acquired 4.5 star rating out of 5.

Peter visits Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital with his guinea pigs. He is the author of three other books about guinea pigs and works closely with Cambridge Cavy Trust.

This comprehensive guide has contents that comprise of practical-advice by experts to care for your pet in the right manner.

Everyday care along with plenty of interesting facts and anecdotes on guineas, famous in entire Britain.

We are aware that guinea pigs are considered ideal pets for families for reasons like low maintenance.
Easy to take care, handle, inexpensive to feed, inodorous and do not bite.

You guessed it, there’s more, your also informed on topics like buying guinea pigs, housing, feeding, handling, grooming, breeding.

Including overall behavior, and basic veterinary care.

Pet Friendly: Understanding And Caring For Your Pet

Published on 1st September 2011 by Magnet & Steel Publishing Ltd.

1st edition, Guinea Pig – Pet Friendly: Understanding and Caring for your Pet is a book, more like a comprehensive guide.

Where you will read to understand how to bond and care for your pet in the right way.

This published edition has been penned down by experts who insist that knowing your guinea pig better.

Will help in providing better and more required attention and care your pet needs to live healthier and happier.

This guide will ultimately assist you in giving maximum care and love to your pet.

Guinea Pig Pet Friendly: Understanding and Caring for your Pet will help you learn all the basic care and understanding.
Which is needed for all first time guinea pig pet owners.

It will help strengthen your bond with your pet with basic understanding as the foundation.

This guide is easy to read, and one will learn a lot.

Training Your Guinea Pig

Training your Guinea Pig is a 96-page English language book published by Barron’s Educational Series Inc. It has rank of 4.7stars out of 5 showing how informative and detailed it is.

Barron’s Training-Your-Pet is a book which is a complete-guide to all steps needed to help-train your pet easily.

But wait, there’s more Its published for inexperienced and first-time pet owners.

It speaks about advice in detail on how to start training and keeping your pet in a cage at home.

These books have detailed descriptions and carefully illustrate perfect housing plus equipment needed.
Along with mannerisms on how to acquaint all family members at home with the new pet.

Similarly, It educates you on how to keep your new-pet healthy, happy and suggests activities for you and your pet-together.

This includes for amusement and bonding.

These creatures are gentle, easy to take care of and quite smart in learning new tricks.

Overall his book is quite interesting because it has colored photos on most pages.  

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