Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries

Can guinea pigs eat strawberries. Yes Strawberries have high water content and low sugar content. It is also rich in Vitamin C and is full of antioxidants. With all that being said, the question that arises is whether guinea pigs can have strawberries.

Do guinea pigs eat strawberries?.

Yes, but in strict moderation as strawberries are sweet like blueberries and your guinea pig would love to munch on something like that. But this fruit needs to be served to them in moderate limits. By that, it means just in small tiny amounts. The moderate limit should be one strawberry for a guinea pig.

Strawberries have a sugar content that shouldn’t be fed to them excessively. If overdone, it can lead to issues like obesity and diabetes. This fruit also contains acid and can be a cause for concern if given to them for long periods. Strawberries also have other minerals like manganese and potassium. It also enhances immunity and strengthens their body to fight against harmful free radicals. This fruit is also rooted in powerful compounds that help with cardiovascular health. A good option would be to serve them ripe strawberries as these are much more effective and help their health in many different ways. Strawberries also have Vitamin A in them thus helping boost their eyesight and vision. They are low in fat and calories which is good for your little cavy’s tiny body.

Can Guinea Pigs Have Strawberries

The best way to serve them strawberries is to cut small bits of it. Do not feed them this fruit more than twice a week and not back-to-back. Keep a gap between the days as well. The remaining portion of their diet should comprise of hay, veggies, and pellets. Serving your cavy bits of this fruit can also help with keeping your pet occupied, not getting bored and energetic.

Strawberries will also help with inflammation and act as a major source of fiber for their bodies. You could also let them nibble on the leaves and stems of the strawberries. But make sure the stem isn’t too tough for them to chew on. There is no need of taking out the seeds before you serve strawberry bits to your cavy.

If you notice any reaction post consumption of the fruit, then you might want to stop and consult the veterinarian regarding this. Avoid giving them strawberry jam or jelly or any other strawberry laden product as preservatives are added to those and that is not good for your guinea pig’s health.

At times, if your guinea pig loves the strawberry, he may try and beg for more. But stay strong and feed him just a few pieces. Do not give the strawberries that are not fresh and are about to perish. The best choice would be the deep red strawberries. Avoid too much to save your cavy from an upset stomach. Start gradually with half a slice if you serving for the first time.

Do not feed these to baby guinea pigs and also try and avoid giving them to pregnant guinea pigs.

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