Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage

Can guinea pigs eat cabbage ? Since guinea pigs are vegetarians, cabbage is a good option as a part of their diet. And they love to munch on cabbage. But how much and can they be given cabbage daily? Let us find out.

This vegetable can be served to them but there are certain points to remember. When given in small amounts will not cause much harm. Although it has many nutrients like iron, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and vitamin B6, it is far from harmful to be given to them daily.

The green cabbage has good calcium content and serving lots can lead to bloating and kidney stones. It has low amount of vitamin C and as we know these cavies need this vitamin. But we found out that red and purple cabbage have enough calcium and more vitamin C than the green which makes it good part of their diet. So, it is advised to give red and purple cabbage rather than green or even white cabbage.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage

Cabbage contains vitamin K which aids in improving blood circulation and prevents clotting.  

Chinese cabbage is filled with plenty of vitamin C and no doubt your pet will benefit from this. But this cabbage has three times more calcium than other cabbages and, it will cause severe damage to your cavy. If you want to feed it Chinese cabbage, do so sparingly.

Savoy cabbage on the other hand, has less vitamin C and calcium from which your pet will not benefit much except for those who had bladder stones in the past. Avoid giving Chinese cabbage (filled with calcium) to those guineas who previously suffered from bladder or kidney stones.

This veggie has plenty of nooks and corners. Hence, before serving, it needs thorough washing to take out hidden bacteria and dirt. Start slow. If giving for the first time, serve in small bit size. And thereafter look for reactions. Any noticeable behavior changes contact your vet immediately. If not, you can treat your cavy to little more of it, not much!

Can Guinea Pigs Have Cabbage

Serving them cabbage bits 3 times a week is exactly right. Once it is used to eating this veggie, you can give half a leaf or even cut up inch pieces and serve.

Do not leave uneaten cabbage in their cage as this is a wet veggie that will attract bacteria faster than you think. Cooked cabbage loses calcium and vitamins, so that is a big no. Keep in mind not to feed cabbage the same day you are feeding other calcium enriched veggies like kale or spinach.

Do not worry if your cavy does not like or refuses to eat cabbage. There are many other veggies you can substitute that have equally enough nutritious value and vitamin C.

When it comes to the cabbage core, it is self-decisive as some may like to give their pets while some do not. However, its best to avoid as the core can cause digestive issues and no one would want that for their cavy.

Give your guinea pig good supplementation of cabbage for minerals and vitamins. And if done in moderation, it will keep your cavy healthy and active.

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