Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples

Can guinea pigs eat apples ? Yes ! Apples like bananas are universal fruits eaten by all. Who does not love a juicy apple? Like the saying goes – ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’, which is true in all its sense. But just like how it is good for us humans, is it good for our furry guineas too?

Yes, but just once a week. And not an entire slice.

Apples are fruits with high sugar contents. If they eat too much, they will gain calories thus resulting in weight gain. Although they are nutritious and healthy, guinea pigs love them. Both red and green apples should be given as an occasional treat only. Do not make it a part of their daily diet.

They are rich in fiber and vitamin C, needed for their body. Filled with special flavonoids, apples are considered the healthiest of all fruits. But that does not mean you force to eat.  

If your guinea is already having mouth sores, apples can aggravate it due to its high acidic concentration. So, keep away from giving them apples to eat in case they have this mouth condition. Not all guinea pigs will like apple. After you give them to try a bit of it, watch their stools. If you find it too watery or discolored, stop feeding right away. This is a sign of diarrhea and needs to be avoided.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Apples

Can guinea pigs eat apples ? Apples is a good fruit to feed them but should be served in tiny amounts only, for example an apple quarter is good enough for your guinea. Feed them a quarter of apple just once a week or even once a fortnight. Avoid giving them the entire apple to chew on. This could choke them. Serve slices for easy chewing and digestion.

Another tip is to give them more red apples to eat than green because green apples are more acidic, and this can cause issues in your cavy’s tummy and mouth.

What About The Apple Skin ?

The skin contains the most fiber in it. It is not necessary to take the skin off. But sometimes, wax is used to polish the skin to give the apples a shiny effect. Also, pesticides and chemicals maybe used. It is entirely your choice, but it would be advisable to wash nicely or remove the skin and serve. 

What about apple seeds?

Apple seeds are exceedingly small and may choke your pet. The seeds also contain cyanide which maybe toxic for them. So, it is best to remove and serve.

Even the core can be given to them. They are fibrous in nature and your guinea can easily chomp their way through it. Apple leaves can be fed to them too, but do not overdo it due to high calcium content it possesses.

Avoid feeding them cooked apples, applesauce or even apple juice. They need to eat fruits and veggies in a natural way and cooked food or food with added preservatives is not good for their health. Also, make sure to give apples that are fully ripe and not sour.

The easiest way to feed them apples is to mix small chunks of it with other vegetables, like an apple salad. Your cavy will enjoy the variety.

You can feed them apples but keep it in a limited amount.

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