Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pear

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pear ?

There is nothing like enjoying a sweet, delicious pear. This fruit has a unique texture to it and one can enjoy eating it either raw or by even baking or poached pears. If you enjoy this delicious fruit, thinking about offering some to your furry friend? Read below to know.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pear ? Yes, but once or twice every week. Pears have a rich source of vitamin C which is good for their body as they cannot produce it on their own and deficiency of it can lead to scurvy, a disease commonly found in guinea pigs.

This fruit also contains little of vitamin A and not too much of calcium. Pears are sweet and too much of it can lead to diarrhea. Also, if given pear often, can increase the chance of obesity and diabetes. Giving them in moderation will not allow them to gain weight or suffer from tummy aches.

Do guinea pigs eat pears

Yes Guinea pigs love to eat pears.

Pears are a healthy snack for your guinea pig in moderation as it is not a part of their regular diet. But they are acidic in nature. They also contain 84% water. So, if given to them in large amounts, it can develop mouth sores or lead to digestive problems.

First you got to get your pet to adjust to this new fruit. Feed them small bites or tiny pieces of pear just once a week, not back-to-back. Even a thin slice is good enough. Observe and see how he adjusts to it. Watch out for any reactions.

Prepare to serve with care. Wash the pear nicely. Keep the skin on as they are full of nutritional value. Your cavy will love to chew on the skin. Cut the core and discard it.

Can my guinea pig be given the pear with the seeds?

The seeds are sharp and can get stuck in your guinea pigs throat thus choking them. They also contain cyanide traces. Although it may not cause major harm it is better to avoid it all together.

What about the pear stem?

The stem just as the seeds, are equally a choking hazard and should not be given to them.

If you have a pear tree in your garden, you can easily give your cavy a small branch to chew on. It will help them wear their teeth down.

If your cavy adjusts to eating pear, you can increase the amount of serving, from once to twice a week. Soon they will be able to enjoy full serving size. Also, do not serve pear on the same day you feed it other sweet treats. This can cause lots of harm to your pet.

Take out leftovers from the cage after a few hours to avoid flies sitting on them causing them to get rotten or decayed.

You can feed your guinea red, green, and even Asian pears. Introduce the fruits gradually.

Avoid canned and dried pears or even pear juice due to its extreme sweetness and because it is cooked. Not only are they unable to digest it, but it’s also not a good choice for them either.

Its best to give them fresh pear fruit, in moderation only.

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