Can guinea pigs eat mango

Can guinea pigs eat mango. Just like us humans, most of the guinea pigs too like the taste of mangoes. It is delicious and a very well-known fruit all over. But just as how we can eat them can they eat mangoes too?

Read below to find out.

Yes, you can feed your cavy mangoes but in moderation. By moderation we mean 1 or 2 bite sized bits of the fruit few times a week. Space out the days and avoid serving back-to-back.

Mango has its own set of health benefits. They are sweet no doubt, but they contain essential nutrients like calcium and vitamin C which is so important for your guinea’s health. Scurvy is deficiency of vitamin C and a guinea pig cannot produce it on their own. By eating mangoes, this vitamin is developed in their body keeping them healthy and free from diseases.

When it comes to calcium, it is necessary for their bone development, dental growth and nervous system needs. But too much of it can lead to bladder stones and other medical concerns. Antioxidants fight free radicals and protect from cancer growths and the good news is that mangoes have these present in them. This is especially good for the pregnant cavy.

Can guinea pigs have mango

Yes mango is also filled with other vitamins like Vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B-6 and vitamin K all helping to boost their immune system and cardiovascular health. It is also good for their eyesight.

The water content in a mango is good enough to quench their thirst. By eating small bits of mango, they also stay hydrated and helps satiate the craving for liquids.

But it has high sugar content leading to diabetes and obesity. Also, if not prepared and served properly, it can be harmful. Weigh the options correctly and then only proceed to feed.

Start off slow and serve tiny bits. Observe your cavy carefully for any reactions post eating like diarrhea, no responsiveness, upset tummy, etc. If you notice any such thing, stop feeding and immediately contact your vet.

Avoid giving frozen mango, dried mango, mango seed and the juice as well. These all have preservatives or high sugar content or even simply are a choking hazard to them. It all should be avoided for the betterment of your cavy.

Guinea pigs can eat mango skin

Can guinea pigs eat mango peels ? Mangoes, as well as with other fruits, are usually coated in chemicals and pesticides that can be unsafe for your pet.

The mango’s skin texture is also rough and tough and is a choking hazard when your cavy tries to swallow. So, the safest option is to avoid mango skin completely

It is better to peel off the mango skin and serve them. The skin being tough may end up choking them or the pesticides on the skin may prove harmful to them if you do not wash properly.

Guinea pigs can eat the mango leaves

What about the leaves? Guinea pigs can’t eat the mango leaves.

As the leaves, and skins can be poisonous for your cavy because the pesticides commonly are sprayed in these areas.

Plus mango skin doesn’t really have any nutrition and may choke your guinea pigs, so feeding it should be avoided.

Guinea pigs love mango. But if given in large quantities, it may pose certain health risks even if it has many health benefits.

Remember to serve this delicious fruit, the Mango, which is safe, in moderation.

Finally, like most fruits and vegetables given to cavies in moderation, are usually healthy for them.

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