2nd Cut Timothy Hay

2nd Cut Timothy Hay. Buying hay can be a hassle, especially if you don’t know which one would be best for your pet. There are various hays you can choose from and they all offer different nutritional value for your pet. One such hay is the 2nd cut Timothy Hay. It is offered by different stores, including Small Pet Select. So, should you pick this one? What is so special about it, and how will it help your furry friend? In this article, we will see what exactly second cut Timothy Hay is and how you can get it. So, let’s begin.

What Is 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay?

It is the hay that most people feed to their pet animals, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. However, the animals in question are usually adults and not babies. In contrast, the first cut Timothy Hay is better for baby animals.

The second cut Timothy Hay has just the right combination of fiber and protein needed by adult guinea pigs. It is leafy and has a soft stem. Unlike the 1st cutting, it has a medium amount of flower heads that your animals can use. Additionally, the 2nd cutting Timothy Hay has the quality of providing sufficient fiber for your animals, which can boost their health system. The texture is in between the 1st and 3rd cutting. So most people believe it is the best option as it has a little bit of both. Of course, the final decision of buying it depends on your pet’s needs.

The Second Cut Also Has The Perfect Ratio Of Nutrients

Which keeps it balanced. There is not too much or too little in it. If you want to purchase it, you can easily do so from Small Pet Select, and they will deliver it to your home.

It usually takes 40-45 days for the alfalfa to regrow following the first cut. It takes an additional 55-60 days for Timothy Hay to regrow. This cut is then termed as the second cutting. Because of this, the second cut has more leaves and has a finer and softer stem.  However, this depends on the temperatures of night and day.

This part also has an increased percentage of crude fat and protein. It has a lower fiber percentage. There are also more non-structural carbohydrates in the leaves and in the stem. The starches and the sugars are digestible, and the hay quality is higher.

The second cut gay gives the best combination of protein, fat, and fiber, which is the absolute gold standard to maintain diet.

What To Look For When Using 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay

It should be a nice, green color, and it should also have some light or dark brown stems. The timothy cut with Small Pet Select will not be straw-colored. There could be a few strands of light brown. However, for the most part, the hay should be green.


There are several benefits of using second cut Timothy Hay for your furry friend.  For starters, it smells really nice. This means you will not have to deal with the problem of a foul smell. It is minimally packaged, and this makes it an environmentally-friendly choice. Second, the texture is something that most the animals love. So chances are, your animal will love it from the start. It will be easy to switch it from its diet of pellets and seeds towards 2nd cut Timothy Hay. Additionally, there is minimal dust present, which makes it a much cleaner option to opt for. Consequently, it will be a win. Not just with you, but also with your pet. So feel free to go ahead and purchase it.

It helps to keep the coat and fur of the animal healthy. What the animals eat, it shows on the outside. If they are eating healthy, they will have shiny and soft fur on the outside. This is a sign of good health and the key to get this is through a well-balanced diet.

2nd cut Timothy hay will give your animal well-toned muscles. It will improve its biceps and help to give it well-toned digestive muscle. This is a huge advantage for the animal and for you. Any hair it intakes can pass through the digestive system and exit on its own. No more rushing to the vet to get that done. Furthermore, this also helps you to save on your vet bills. So this is always a plus.

Animals that do not get enough 2nd cut Timothy Hay in their diet are more likely to grow spurs on teeth. It can be very uncomfortable for the rabbit or the guinea pig as it will create sores and infections that might make them sicker. These things can also compromise the rabbit’s health and mess with their chewing mechanics. They might have a harder time to chew and swallow their food properly. Tooth spurs can sometimes get so bad they need to be corrected by a vet. It can lead to more expense for you. Caring for an animal comes with a cost, but by investing in the right kind of 2nd cut Timothy Hay, you can save some money as this would help to wear down your animal’s teeth, which will keep the spurs away.

Small animals like guinea pigs and rabbits love to run around and graze grass. They do not want to be restricted to one place and only eat pellets or nuts. When you give them a second cut Timothy Hay, their natural instincts will come out. They are more likely to feel comfortable and healthy.


Though some people are not sure about which way to lean when it comes to getting Timothy Hay, the 2nd cutting Timothy Hay has proven to have several benefits. Therefore, you should opt to buy them from the Small Pet Select and have it delivered to your house.