1st Cut Timothy Hay

1st cut timothy hay. Guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rabbits make excellent pets. They are small, furry, and look ultra-cute when they are snuggling next to you in bed.

However, before you consider investing in one, you might want to look at space requirements, vets, and, even more importantly, proper nutrition. Hay is an important part of their diet, and first cut timothy hay can give them the nutrition they need in their diets. However, what is it, and what makes the 1st cut so great? Let’s begin

What Is First Cut Timothy Hay?

Many people believe that the f1st cutting of Timothy Hay is not good for the animals.

According to them, the first cut does not have the benefits and nutrients that small animals require.

However, we don’t agree with this statement. The first cut has all the high fiber stuff your animal might need.

It is not as fattening as the other cuts, but has more flowery heads. It is also a bit harder than the 2nd and 3rd cut.

1st cut Timothy Hay is for animals with gastric or digestive issues and require a lot of fiber. The color for the hay will be lighter and you might find some yellow patches.

However, this will be to a minimum amount. It is there in the first place because the grass becomes more mature and taller over time. First cut Timothy Hay is particularly good if your pet is a bit overweight and would like to shed a few pounds.

If you purchase 1st cutting Timothy Hay box from Small Pet Select, you will not be disappointed with the result. They work with the farmers in Washington State in the US and choose the best hay by inspecting their field. They also know how to pick the most consistent hay, which is what keeps these animals healthy and warm.

Why Should You Buy First Cut Timothy Hay?

There are a whole bunch of reasons why this diet can do your pet wonders. Some of them are listed below:
High in Fiber
Your vet probably recommends hay that is high in fiber and low in protein. This is because it helps to maintain the digestive system of your furry friend. Remember, unlike dogs or cars, these little animals are constantly grazing when they are in the open field. At the same time, 1st cut Timothy Hay would also promote kidney functions, contributing to a healthy body. It prevents them from feeling bloated and keeps the extra pounds off of them. So you should ensure you give them proper amounts as the benefits seem to be numerous.

No Nasty Things

With the 1st cut Timothy Hay, you will find quality. The grass has been cut in a way that it carries no dust, despite being in the open air.

It is so clean that you can directly feed it to your animal without worrying about dirt. This ensures that only the best hay is prepared for your pet guinea pig. By consuming this, they are going to become healthier.

Properly Packaged

When you order the 1st cutting Timothy Hay, it will arrive at your doorstep in a neat box. It is packaged in a way that prevents spillage or wastage of any kind. Furthermore, the hay is going to be fresh for some time. So you need not worry about it going bad and making your animal sicker.

Reduced Vet Bills

The first cut Timothy hay is pretty good for naturally wearing down your pet’s teeth. When the small animals chew on hay, it is not only natural instinct, but it also wears down their teeth so that they don’t become overgrown or cause anyone a problem. Since the teeth are wearing down on their own, you are spared from going to the vet and paying hefty bills.

One of the benefits of giving your pet the first cut Timothy Hay is that there is no way you can give it too much. Timothy Hay is not a treat, and ideally, it should make up a huge proportion of your pet’s diet. You don’t need to include things like nuts, fruits, and seeds because this is not a natural diet at the end of the day. First Cut Timothy Hay will ensure that the health is maintained. So the more you give them this, the better it is for them. Plus, it also ensures variety for your pet.
It keeps them busy

Benefits Of 1st Cut Timothy Hay

One of the benefits of 1st cut Timothy Hay is that it keeps the animals busy. Small animals are very busy by their nature.

They are constantly grazing the field when they are out in the open or they can be seen running around.

Small animals also like to chew. These are instinctive behaviors and you, as the parent, will have to encourage it. Remember, if you don’t give them this, they will become bored.

A bored animal can then wreak havoc in your house. They might be chewing into your furniture or sofa or just about anything they can get their hands on. To prevent this from happening, you should give them something that they will graze on constantly.

Last Thought
Remember, 80% of your animal’s diet should be good hay. Without the constant supply of first cut Timothy Hay, the animal might not have a strong or healthy body.

Therefore, it is best that you never let the supply run out. If you feel you are nearing the end, you should order online from Small Pet select.

As they will deliver it to your house.