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Camera Critters

I know I have posted a squirrels before but hey! these are different squirrels and I’m happy to share them with you.
I took these photos last October 30 when I went to my daughter’s School. That day they were having crafts for Halloween activities so I volunteered to help. After the activities I went home and then I’ve seen those squirrels running around the visitors parking lot. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a shots at them. My attention was on the black squirrel but it was so fast and climbed up the maple tree. I followed the black squirrel and I was able to take a shot. After that the squirrel climbed up too high and disappeared in my sight. On the other hand I saw the brown squirrel running on the ground but I was able to take a shot as well. Later the brown squirrel climbed up to the top of the maple tree but I can still see it so I cracked up my lens all the way through and clicked. That’s my story! Happy Critters everyone.


Black Squirrel


Brown Squirrels


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